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Welcome to The Kebun

The Kebun was first started 16 years ago as a long term plan for a retirement home starting from virgin jungle near Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysian Borneo. Adrian’s Bungalow located by the river was the first structure put up after being disassembled from the movie set of The Sleeping Dictionary. Olivia’s Bungalow was only put up only two years later when it was taken out of storage which was also disassembled from the same movie set. The Longhouse’s were initially 4 goat sheds which were converted into the main 5 room Longhouse, the Headman’s Longhouse, the Dining House and an attached Jetty finally completed in 2012. The farm stay business was introduced much later starting only in May 2012 welcoming our first guest’s one month later.​

adrian bungalow

The Kebun is not just accommodation, it is an experience. If you would like to get back to the basics of life in a beautiful setting, which is fresh gardens of organic vegetables, picking your own tropical fruits, dining on fresh farm raised chickens, fishing for your own freshwater fish & simple accommodation, with little impact to the environment, and to help out with feeding all of the animals at the end of the day’s activities and again in the morning, then you are up for a unique adventure at The Kebun.

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We will remain closed until further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding and stay safe! Stay tuned to our website for any further changes!